Earth is Our Vegarian Home! We need to take care of it!

While we are working on this feel free to enjoy our Vegarian Blog!

“You and the Vegetation form a symbiont circle.
What happens to one of you will affect the other.
You must understand this.”

~ ~ ~ Lan ~ ~ ~


  • “Vegarian” is derived from the Latin word vegetus meaning lively or vigorous and the Latin suffix -arian meaning advocate.
  • A Vegarian advocates a vigorous and lively lifestyle, that includes the symbiont circle relationship we share with seed-plants!
  • A Vegarian is a person who avoids eating harvested plant embryos (seeds), or anything is produced directly from them (without sprouting).
  • A Vegarian eats Fyuel instead of “food!”
  • A Vegarian‘s primary concern, or reason for being a Vegarian, always includes optimum personal health and the elimination of external Picotoxins.
  • A Vegarian eats Live Fyuel and eliminates dead food like “Double Processed” or “Fractured Food” (also called “Double Dead food” or “High Picotoxin food”).
  • A Vegarian eliminates using (eating or wearing) animal products, except when necessary for optimum personal health.
  • Vegarians often have environmental concerns, and a love of animals (animal rights).
  • A Vegarian believes in, and advocates, a symbiont circle relationship with plants!


“LIVE Fyuel Makes LIVE Bodies!
DEAD Food Makes DEAD Bodies.”

~ ~ ~ Lan ~ ~ ~

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