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Vegarian is a Latin portmanteau of the words vegetus, vegetābilis, the suffix -arian and angiosperm. You and the Vegetation form a symbiont circle. What happens to one of you will affect the other.

“You and the Vegetation form a symbiont circle.
What happens to one of you will affect the other.
You must understand this.”

~ ~ ~ Lan ~ ~ ~

Today is October 17, 2011.  Officially, today is the Birthday of Vegarianism.  Unofficially Vegarians have been around since at least the 1970’s and likely long before then.  In the truest since, Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden were the first Vegarians.  Being Vegarian is not about religion, yet most religions of the earth accept this version of creation, or they have a very similar view that man has a Symbiont Circle with vegetation, specifically with angiosperms.

What is a Vegarian?  I am!  What is the difference between Vegetarians and Vegarians?  Ok, you have to remove “E.T.”

E.T. Phone Home

In the movie E.T. the little Extra-Terrestrial (E.T.) and needs to phone home to call for a space ship pick-up!  Well, E.T. has left the planet and so we left him out of the word Vegarian also!  Okay, I am joking… But it is a good way to help you remember how to spell Vegarian – just leave E.T. out!

“You and the Naboo form a symbiont circle.”

“You and the Naboo form a symbiont circle.
What happens to one of you will affect the other.
You must understand this.”

– Obi-Wan Kenobi, Star Wars I: The Phantom Menace

Ok, maybe I have been watching too many movies…  However, we humans do form a symbiont circle with Vegetation, especially with angiosperms.  If there was no vegetation what do you think would happen to us?  We love Vegetation!


Vegarian is a Latin portmanteau of the words vegetus, vegetābilis, the suffix –arian and angiosperm.

A Vegarian believes in, and advocates, a symbiont circle relationship (of mutualism), with plants!

If you think you only eat at Jollibee, or McDonald’s, or buy processed food in a can or jar, and have nothing at all to do with plants.  Consider the oxygen in the air you breath.  Where did it come from?  Plants!  And where did the food come from before it was processed into unrecognizable whatever?  Plants!  And were did the meat come from, if you eat that?  Plants!

Note: We are not directly against Jollibee, McDonald’s or any of the other places where people eat S.A.D. (Suicide Asian Diet?).  We want them to stay alive long enough to hear the wonderful news about becoming Vegarian!  If you do not live in Asia (we do) you may feel free to call S.A.D. eating:  the Suicide Austrian Diet, Suicide African Diet, Suicide Australian Diet, Suicide American Diet (South or North) or anywhere else you would like to be S.A.D. about…  Even Suicide Advocates Diet!


The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) and other standard dictionaries state that the word was formed from the term “vegetable” and the suffix “-arian”. The OED writes that the word came into general use after the formation of the Vegetarian Society at Ramsgate in 1847, though it offers two examples of usage from 1839 and 1842.

Google Books have almost 2,000 volumes using of the complete phrase ‘vegetable diet’ between 1842-46, compared with just eight using ‘vegetarian’ – all of which can be linked to Alcott House.  (note: the Oxford English Dictionary cites an example of ‘vegetarian’ from 1839, but this needs further validating. If it is genuine then it also appears to link back to Alcott House.)


Vegetarian = Veget + the suffix “-arian (meaning “believer” or “advocate”?)

This is almost laughable because most Vegetarians DON’T EAT MEAT! Most are animal lovers, and they really are against eating flesh!  Most Vegetarians are actually anti-carnivoroists!  Or would that be anti-carnist?  They are against eating meat.

According to the “Food” link on the website of the above mentioned Vegetarian Society, in large print…

“Vegetarians are defined by the food that they choose not to eat.
Whatever their reasons for being meat-free,
Vegetarians don’t eat any kind of animal.”

Look up Vegetarian in any common dictionary… It will tell you what they don’t do!  What they don’t believe.  They don’t believe in eating meat.


Most Vegetarians believe in and advocate Animal Welfare!

Strict Vegetarians (Vegans) believe in and advocate Animal Rights!  They are truly Animal-airans!

I am not saying this is bad, many Vegarians also believe in and advocate either Animal Welfare or Animal Rights also.

They Believe in Animal Rights!

Vegetarian Subtypes

Vegetarians, you would think, only eat vegetables.  However, there are subtypes or subclasses that basically are the restrictions or exceptions to this.  Vegetarian Subtypes are actually more restrictive, like macrobiotic, fruitarian, or nutarian.  We believe subtypes cause serious health issues if followed for a longer term or as a lifestyle…  The subclasses are the more lax, like the lacto (dairy), ovo (eggs), pescetarian (fish or seafood), pollotarian (poultry), flexitarian (“occasionally eats meat”) or freegan (“vegan unless it’s free!”).

Note:  Most Vegetarian groups only accept subclasses lacto (milk) and ovo (eggs) as true expressions of a Vegetarian lifestyle.

There are many popular kinds of “Vegetarians” with labels like:

  • Nut (Nuts only in this group!)
  • Fruit (Fruits only in this group!)
  • Strict, Total, Real, 100%, and Vegan!  (Usually “Not Animals!”)
  • Lacto (75% of the world is allergic to dairy!)
  • Ovo (Egg-citing!)
  • Pesca (Fishy?)
  • Pollo (Bird-brained?)
  • Simi (Do they eat Semi-trucks?)
  • Flexi (They are not too rigid!)
  • Free (They only eat meat that is free!)

I will cover each of these in greater detail in the future.

What Vegetarian Don’t Do!

Virtually all Vegetarians and Vegans…
…focus on what they DO NOT DO!

  • They DO NOT eat meat!
  • They DO NOT get illnesses related to consuming animals.
  • They DO NOT cause damage to the environment.

They are really AGAINST many things… most are against what Carnist do.  Carnist are those who practice Carnism and eat some kind of meat (along with vegetables!).  Vegans believe Vegetarians who eat animal products (eggs or milk) are carnist also.

What Vegarians Are

  • Vegarians are very positive people.
  • Vegarians are enlivened, lively, animated, vigorous, active, brisk, sprightly (vegetus in Latin)
  • Vegarians fyuel (food) is animating, enlivening, vivifying, able to produce and support growth, vegetative (vegetābilis or vegetābile in Latin)
  • Vegarians believe, advocate and promote eating vegetation! (-arian in Latin)
  • Vegarians eat mostly seed plants! (mostly angiosperms)
  • Vegarians recognize, acknowledge, and appreciate the symbiosis we share with angiosperm vegetation.
  • Vegarians eat plants in the most natural states!
  • Vegarians protect plant embryos!
  • Vegarians eat live plants full of live enzymes!
  • Vegarians are kind and gentle people, so we respect sentient earthlings and, at a minimum,
    we want them to live without unnecessary suffering.
  • Vegarians are peaceful, loving and compassionate people.
  • Vegarians enjoy the health benefits of our relationship with Vegetation.
  • Vegarians love how beneficial Vegetation is to our world’s ecology.
  • Vegarians recognize the basic rights of sentient earthlings, including humans,
    to include self-defense and survival.
  • Vegarians seek a more health filled life, adapting to the environmental changes of non-Vegarians.
  • Vegarians have a very low, often negative, carbon footprint!
  • Vegarians Celebrate the Symbiont Circle with Vegetation!

Vegarians Are Different!

Note: Some Vegarians may also be Vegan (abolitionist), promoting animal rights.  Likewise Some Vegarians may also be Vegetarians, promoting environmental concerns.  Truth is, many Vegarians have deep feelings about both animal rights, human rights, social justice, and the environment!  However, Vegarians have their main or primary focus on the benefits of the Symbiotic relationship with plants.  Therefore that main focus is on the health benefits to all concerned (plant health, human health, as well as environmental health, and the health, welfare and rights of sentient earthlings.  Sub-Note: We left out E.T.!).

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