“Vegarian” is derived from the Latin word vegetus meaning lively or vigorous and the Latin suffix -arian meaning advocate.

A Vegarian advocates a vigorous and lively lifestyle that includes the symbiont circle relationship we have with seed-plants!

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My grandfather was an old Indian (Native American) He had two old Indian sayings about goals…

  • He who aims at nothing will surely hit it!
  • One who shoots an arrow in the air cannot tell where it hits, he just lose the arrow!

If you do not dare to aim at something … Then you will lose and miss everything!

You must Dare to FAIL if you are going to be a Success!


To define a goal it must be both specific and measurable.

“My goal is to shoot an arrow at a target and hit the red circle in the middle, this year!”

Specific: Shoot the arrow, hit the target…

Measurable: In the Red Circle, This Year!

This is a goal, it is both specific and measurable.


Then I must take steps to my goal like to buy a bow and arrow!


“You and the Vegetation form a symbiont circle.
What happens to one of you will affect the other.
You must understand this.”

~ ~ ~ Lan ~ ~ ~

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